JFK Had Nuclear Weapons at his "Military Parade"

Of the 3 Trump related things that the media is losing its mind over today, one is a planned military parade. 

The media is filled with claims that only North Korean dictators have military parades. Or maybe China and Russia. "Say, maybe Putin gave Trump the idea to have one of those."

While the media does its usual thing (running around and screaming madly in green rooms), history would like to fact check the fact checkers.

As I mention in an upcoming article, presidents not that long ago had more hardware at their inauguration parades than this parade is likely to have.

President Kennedy’s inaugural parade included Pershing, Nike and Hercules nuclear missiles. But he was just topping President Eisenhower who had an M65 Atomic Cannon along with four companies of tanks and artillery. Truman’s inaugural parade had a squadron of B-52 bombers flying  overhead.  

Imagine if Trump had brought an ICBM to his party.

Now the missiles weren't obviously armed. But it's just as obvious that only lefty anti-military idiots think that having a military parade is totalitarian. Unless JFK was really a North Korean dictator.