Consumer Protection Offices More Expensive Than Trump Tower

The servants of the people live well while protecting the people from the other people. But who protects the people from their servants?

Mick Mulvaney, the CFPB’s acting director, graciously allowed The Daily Caller News Foundation to take an exclusive tour on Feb. 1 of the federal office — founded by Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts — that has been widely criticized for cost overruns and extravagance.

“There was interest to move this above a Class C Building,” said a CFPB source familiar with the renovation and the operation of the building. “Now it’s a Class A building,” he told TheDCNF.

The Building Owners and Managers Association International, which represents owners and managers of all commercial office buildings, describe Class A buildings as “the most coveted buildings in the marketplace.”

The $124 million spent to date for the 303,000 square foot office building is $409 per square foot, more than Trump World Tower, which cost $334 per square foot or Las Vegas’ Bellagio Hotel and Casino, priced at $330 per square foot.

That doesn't mean the offices are actually fancier than the Bellagio. This is the government. Getting value for taxpayer money is a foreign concept. But it is working hard on a gym.

CFPB currently has under construction a 2,660 square foot athletic facility for all of its employees free of charge. The staff also will enjoy 1,300 square foot gender specific locker rooms equipped with showers. Employees must bring their own towels.

“There is no fee to employees,” the CFPB source explained to TheDCNF, quickly adding, “It’s open to CFPB employees only.” The athletic center “will have a combination of tread mills, bicycles, free weights, something similar to a Nautilus and other typical equipment.”

The free gym offering stands in contrast to the White House Athletic Center, which during many administrations has charged employees $18.50 per pay period. Contractors, workers on government detail and General Services Administration employees can access the gym for $40.25 month, and guests can use it for $6 per day. Even interns have to pay $20.86 per month.

Membership has its privileges. The CFPB was a part of government rather close to Obama Inc's cold leftist heart. Its staffers were drafted from the ranks of loyalists. And their mission was to remake the country. Their digs reflect that.