The Media's Coverage of North Korea is the Real Collusion

The media's fawning coverage of North Korea has even caught the attention of... the media.

It's a sad day when BuzzFeed has to chastise lefty gushing over a murderous tyrant's sister by calling her a garbage monster. But it's nothing new. Communist tyrannies have always received this treatment from the left. Whether it was the USSR, Communist China or Cuba, the left loves left-wing tyrants.

That's what makes all the censorious lectures about patriotism from the media that much more hypocritical. The left was for Russia before it was against Russia. If the tensions escalated, the left will be osculating Russia once again.

Like the scorpion and the frog, that's in its nature.

It has more good things to say about the monster is dubbed North Korea's Ivanka Trump than it does about the real Ivanka. It raves over North Korea's cheerleaders because they all repeat things in unison. And that is the leftist collectivist ideal.

At President Trump's State of the Union address, we saw a real North Korean hero. And the media dismissed it as a stunt. But it's willingly taken it by North Korea's stunts and gimmicks.

When North Korea felt the pressure from President Trump, its tyrant knew that he would find a willing audience for his soft power outreach on the left. That's always been the real collusion.