Jamie Glazov Takes On Leftist Lies About Honor Killings (VIDEO)

How far will the left go to deny the horrors of Islamic terror against Christians, Jews and women? That's the question we're up against in this special edition of the Glazov Gang

After Anni Cyrus, a Sharia survivor who experienced unspeakable horrors under the heavy hand of Islam, was attacked by a leftist Sharia Denier who denied the existence of honor killings, Jamie Glazov joins Anni in telling the truth about the Islamic abuse of women and girls in this video.

The honor killings are real. They're here. Just as FGM is here. And women and girls being forced to wear the hijab under threat of violence is here.

None of it is imaginary. It's happening all around us. And it's only going to get worse.

Leftist Sharia Deniers like "Steve" in this video claim that they're tolerant while Sharia survivors like Anni are "hateful" even as they defend a hateful ideology that murders, rapes and beats women.