Southern Poverty Law Center Warns of Female "Male Supremacists"

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a mail order scam with all the credibility of a guy selling fake Rolex watches on a street corner at midnight, has done it again. The same lefty hate group whose hate map led to at least one violent attack on a religious group, which listed a sign outside a bar as a hate group and blatantly faked an Islamophobia increase is back in action.

This time the SPLC is denouncing female male supremacism. It's like white supremacism, except with men. So it's very trendy. But just as its Islamophobia materials accused some Muslims of being Islamophobes (because they opposed the Muslim Brotherhood), the SPLC attacks some women as "male supremacists".

Prominent MRAs also include anti-feminist female voices, such as popular Canadian YouTube personality Karen Straughan, American psychologist Helen Smith, and the former head of a domestic-violence shelter for women, the British Erin Pizzey. Men’s rights issues also overlap with the rhetoric of equity feminists like Christina Hoff Sommers, who give a mainstream and respectable face to some MRA concerns.

Implying that Christina Hoff Sommers is a male supremacist is a new low for SPLC. As is the attack on Helen Smith. Sommers is an AEI scholar who has been published in major mainstream media outlets. Helen Smith has a degree from the New School. Those are rather odd origins for "male supremacists". And they're far more qualified than anyone employed by the SPLC. (Which isn't saying much.)

Anyway what exactly is a female male supremacist? 

According to the SPLC's write-up, it's anti-feminists. I question whether that really describes Sommers, but let's say that it does. Anyone critical of feminism becomes a "male supremacist" by default.

Even if they're female.

This is the exact same scam that the Southern Poverty Law Center pulled with Islamophobia and the Brotherhood.

But let's step back a second. The original reason for the SPLC's existence was fighting the KKK. (Which hardly exists anymore outside of SPLC donation envelopes). But white supremacist groups have engaged in violence and acts of terror. What exactly have "male supremacists" done that justifies the need to track them?

The SPLC tries to associate "male supremacism" with everything from the Elliot Rodger shootings to Breivik. But mostly it lists unpleasant quotes and then tries to link them to anyone critical of feminism. And after all the noise, it lists A Voice for Men and Return of Kings as hate groups. That's two. So much noise for two groups. 

It's a shoddy move by an organization with very little research credibility that is nevertheless used as a resource by the media. And that's a problem.