Twitter Suspended Accounts Exposing Islamic and Lefty Anti-Semitism

The invaluable Canary Mission and Labour Anti-Semitism accounts are back after facing punitive action from Twitter for their work fighting against Islamic and left-wing hatred of Jews. Both organizations had been targeted by leftist activists. And that's likely the reason lurking behind the harassment.

The Labour Anti-Semitism feed (aka @GnasherJew) was forced to delete its profile picture of the yellow star that Jews were forced to wear under Nazi occupation. And Canary Mission's account was suspended before being reinstated. And this isn't the first time.

We've seen how vulnerable even the top accounts on Twitter are, when President Trump was targeted. And Canary Mission makes a point of documenting the anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi attitudes of members of campus hate groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine. It has no shortage of enemies from the same Islamic hate groups that it exposes. And it's likely that the double attack was no coincidence.

Those behind GnasherJew thought it was hardly a coincidence that both accounts were sanctioned by Twitter on the same day.

“CanaryMission went down at the same time as us, how odd,” one GnasherJew administrator said. “The fact remains they sanctioned us at the behest of antisemites and Len McCluskey whilst allowing the most foul antisemitism to go unpunished.”

Meanwhile Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups safely operate on the social media site. And members of JVP (which operates on Twitter) and other hate groups joined in urging Twitter to silence the fighters against anti-Semitism.

And here's another reminder of how Canary Mission gets results.

McMaster University has completed its investigation into numerous alarming tweets from students linked to a campus Palestinian rights group which lauded Hitler, supported terrorist organizations, and vilified Jews.

But McMaster officials refuse to say what penalties were imposed upon the culprits under the student code of rights and responsibilities....

McMaster became aware of the disturbing personal social media posts — which started in 2011 and continued into 2017 — via internet reports published in mid-December by anti-Semitic watchdog Canary Mission and, an American-based Jewish and Israel news service.

The tweets in question were linked to students allegedly associated with the campus group Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR). Tweets included comments such as "Hitler should have took you all" and "Where is Hitler when u need one? I literally ask this every day."

Other tweets ranging from suggestions of violence, anti-Semitic stereotypes and political hatred against Israel are viewable at and

No wonder they want to shut this down.