Will Senate Losses Crush Dem Impeachment Dreams?

Everyone's a DREAMER these days. And the great dream of the Dems is to reverse the 2016 election by impeaching Trump. It's not enough to try to beat him in 2020. No, his entire existence must be undone. The political wave that brought him to power must be retroactively deemed illegitimate.

But this Stalinist stunt has one major problem.

If midterm elections were held today, five Senate Democrats would lose to Republicans, giving the GOP an even bigger edge in the chamber, according to new surveys from Axios/SurveyMonkey.

According to the results, Democratic Sens. Jon Tester of Montana, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Joe Donnelly of Indiana are trailing generic Republican candidates. Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri trails the state's Republican attorney general, Josh Hawley, in her re-election bid. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota will face Rep. Kevin Cramer, although Axios polled Heitkamp's chances against a generic Republican candidate.

That creates a scenario where the Dems might bulk up in the House, but thin out in the Senate. (Expect to see lots of messaging about how the Senate is an outdated racist institution as opposed to the more democratic House and expect the reverse messaging if the opposite were to happen. Leftists really don't believe in anything except their own power.)

And while some of the potential losses would be of more moderate Dems who wouldn't be likely impeachment votes anyway, not counting McCaskill, a Republican hold on the Senate would kill the impeachment dream. But it would also make it safe for Dem leaders like Pelosi to advocate something that has no chance of happening while using it as a weapon against the Senate.