Majority 18-34 Oppose Rifle Ban, 65+ Support

This is a huge narrative fail.

A major reason for trotting out the Parkland students had nothing to do with victimhood. The senescent bosses of the left always dress up their cause in youthful human shields. Behind the young black men throwing rocks is George Soros or Eric Holder. Behind the screaming environmental co-eds is Tom Steyer or Al Gore. 

The left wants to be seen as the youthful cause and the voice of a new generation. But the new generation has its own ideas.

In the new Quinnipiac poll, support for Trump and Republicans tends to increase with age and drop with youth. That's fairly routine. Stupid ideas are much more likely to be accepted by people with no life experience. And political extremism spikes when you have no concept of consequences. 

But here's where it gets interesting.

The 18-34 demographic has the worst opinion of the NRA, but its support for gun control is on the weak side, and when asked, "Do you support or oppose a nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons?", they split almost evenly. That's in contrast to 80% support among the 65+.

And it gets worse.

"Do you support or oppose a nationwide ban on the sale of all semi-automatic rifles?"

57% of the 18-34 demo oppose it. 62% of the 65+ crowd support it. 

Poll questions that ask about abstract policy views rarely produce more than echoes of the media's opinion shapers. But ask people about something that relates to their lives, and they will give you real answers. Quite a few people in the demo that is least friendly to Trump is actually gun literate and opposes the left's big gun bans.

That's something for all politicians to remember going forward.