Left Hates North Korea After Loving It

Today at lunch, the topic of the sudden shift made by American Communists from being anti-war during the Hitler-Stalin Pact to turning radically pro-war after Hitler invaded the USSR came up.

And the media keeps reminding us that their "We have always been at war with Eastasia" routine is still around.

When Trump was threatening North Korea, the media fell in love with it. It glamorized a murderous tyrant's sisters and cheered for its sex slave cheerleaders. Now that Trump may meet with its leader, the media is full of stories about how terrible North Korea is.

What's obvious is that the media has no view on North Korea. Aside from the radical left that is. Its view of North Korea is determined entirely by whatever President Trump is doing about North Korea.

If Trump threatens the Norks, the media will love them. If Trump will meet with them, they're terrible.

The media doesn't have a serious opinion on North Korea. It just obsessively hates Trump.