Hillary "Uranium One" Clinton: "Follow Money" to Trump-Putin

Hillary Clinton continues her tour-de-sore-loser around the world. This latest stop takes her to India. Where she's no doubt charging some people a whole lot of money to listen to her insipid whining.

In the hour-long appearance, Clinton bemoaned the “reality campaign” tactics of her opponent in the 2016 presidential campaign — musing that perhaps she should have provided more “entertainment” to voters who were responding to Trump’s brash campaign of “insulting and attacking.” 

Oh, Hillary provided plenty of entertainment. It was just unintentional. "Like with a cloth."

But maybe she could have had Bill play the saxophone or chase balloons for 15 minutes while she reassured the audience that all was well.

“If people were looking for a reality TV campaign, maybe I should have given them more entertainment,” she said. “I’m the mother who says, ‘Eat your spinach, you’ll grow up strong.’ Someone else is saying, ‘Eat all the fast food and the ice cream you can possibly stick in your mouth.’ ” 

More like, eat your spinach, grandma's gonna get drunk on champagne that she bought with your foster care money and pass out on the couch while watching a Woodstock documentary.

“He does have a preexisting attitude of favorability toward these dictators, but I think it’s more than that with Putin and Russia,” she said. 

“Do they have something on him?” asked the event’s host, India Today Editor Aroon Purie. 

“Well, we’ll find out, we’ll find out,” she answered. “Follow the money.” 

So said the woman who came to meet with the Russians toting a Reset Button and empowered the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran. But by all means, follow the money. It leads to Uranium One.