Terminator Studio to Aggressively Push Gun Control

Sorry folks. 

I know you like the Bill of Rights, but our Hollywood corporate overlords have spoken. And they will no longer tolerate these Second Amendment shenanigans. 

"Viacom to Support Courageous Youth Activists Who Have Had Enough of Gun Violence"

Let me rephrase that PRspeak in realspeak. "Viacom to Fund Radical Left-Wing Groups Using Youth Activists as Hand Puppets. Something Viacom Has Plenty of Experience With Thanks to MTV."

This series of efforts across MTV, BET, Nickelodeon, Paramount Network, Comedy Central, TV Land, CMT and other properties will include partnerships with a coalition of organizations and students that are working to make America’s schools safer and reduce gun violence.

I'm sure CMT viewers will really appreciate it. And TV Land viewers too. 

“This generation continues to be the driving force for change,” said Viacom Executive Vice President of Global Inclusion Marva Smalls. “With more than 17 young people dying from gun violence every single day, unfortunately no community is safe. We believe it’s critical to support the inspiring efforts of our youth, who are literally fighting for their lives. Viacom also has a responsibility to our audiences to do everything we can to elevate the many brave and bold activists to help them extend the reach and impact of their voices in this important movement.”

That's based on a claim by Bloomberg's Everytown, which was even called out by the media for peddling hoax shooting statistics after Parkland. But what's not good enough for the media still works at Viacom.

Viacom means Paramount. Its productions include the Terminator and Mission Impossible movies. 

If it's really serious about teaching young people not to kill, maybe it should stop producing violent action movies instead of trying to take away the civil rights of half the country? But that would cut into its profit margins. It's cheaper to be hypocrites while donating cash to the cause. Just ask Harvey Weinstein.

Get Schooled, an organization founded through a partnership between Viacom and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will expand its efforts to educate young people on the actions they can take to participate in the national discussion.

What would young people ever do without being indoctrinated by Bill Gates and the studio behind Terminator 8: No One's Watching This One Either.