Theranos was Protected by Hillary Clinton's Team Coup

You may have seen the headlines about Theranos whiz by. Elizabeth Holmes, its genius billionaire disruptor, has been exposed as a con artist. It's a long way down from being promoted by Obama to being exposed as a fraud. But Theranos had some serious, and seriously familiar, firepower in its corner.

Litigator David Boies served as outside counsel for the company for a period, as well as a board member.

That's Boies, Schiller & Flexner, LLP. You've heard the name more than a few times lately. They're closely tied to Clintonworld. (Not to mention the whole Harvey Weinstein thing.) The firm also represented Huma Abedin and Senator Gillibrand is a former partner.

And then there's Fusion GPS. We couldn't deal with a major fraud case without their involvement.

"In the years before it produced the dossier, records show, Fusion worked to blunt aggressive reporting on the medical-device company Theranos, which was later found to have problems with its novel blood-testing technology."

The Clintons do keep the nicest company. But this is the organization whose "research" the media claims as being unchallengeable. It's just as solid as Theranos.