Bernie Sanders, Whose Kids are Running for Office, Wants to Talk About "Oligarchy"

A 1 Percenter Socialist wants to talk about oligarchy.

"The corporate media ignores the rise of oligarchy," Bernie bloviates  in the Guardian.

"The rapid rise of oligarchy and wealth and income inequality is the great moral, economic, and political issue of our time. Yet, it gets almost no coverage from the corporate media."

The media actually covers little else. Its propaganda consists of gun control, racism and income inequality. 

What gets little coverage are Bernie's three homes, his 1 percenter status and how he made his money.

 How often does the media discuss the reality that our society today is more unequal than at any time since the 1920s with the top 0.1% now owning almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%


How often does the media discuss the fact that Bernie's wife is under FBI investigation for wrecking a college while feeding money to her daughter. And then walked away with a $200,000 payment?

Why won't the "corporate media" talk about it?

How often has ABC, CBS or NBC discussed the role that the Koch brothers and other billionaires play in creating a political system which allows the rich and the powerful to significantly control elections and the legislative process in Congress?

Constantly and obsessively. The Koch brothers are the ultimate conspiracy theory of the left. Meanwhile they won't talk about George Soros' war on democracy.

But how often have they talked about the fact that Bernie's political machine is helping two of his kids get into office? Why won't the corporate media talk about the campaign funds that Bernie paid his wife and stepdaughter?

We need to raise political consciousness in America and help us move forward with a progressive agenda that meets the needs of our working families. It’s up to us all to join the conversation – it’s just the beginning.

The only working family Bernie wants to help is his own clan. Forget his rhetoric. Judge politicians by their results.

Bernie hasn't helped working families, but he sure has helped his own family. That's what real oligarchy looks like. And his gullible fans keep shoving more money into the Berniehole as long as he shouts stuff about the Koch brothers.