"Creepy Joe" Biden Will Defend Women from Trump

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's the creepiest man in politics now that Ted Kennedy has gone to his eternal chappaquiddick. 

“When a guy who ended up becoming our national leader said, ‘I can grab a woman anywhere and she likes it,’” Biden said. “They asked me if I’d like to debate this gentleman, and I said no. I said, ‘If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.’”

Biden made another jab. “I’ve been in a lot of locker rooms my whole life. I’m a pretty damn good athlete,” he said. “Any guy that talked that way was usually the fattest, ugliest SOB in the room.”

Like most things Joe Biden says, it's really about how awesome Vice President Hair Plugs is. Not about whatever he's pretending to care about.

But should Creepy Joe really be talking about touching women. Based on his photographic record, women have a lot more to worry about from his hands than President Trump does.

Here's a brief compilation of mentions from the lefty media.

Joe Biden 2020 Is A Terrible Idea In A Post-Weinstein America | HuffPost

America Shouldn't Tolerate 'Biden Being Biden' | Time - The only reason Joe Biden gets away with getting handsy with women is because he has a (D) after his name.

Joe Biden, We Need to Talk About the Way You Touch Women - Gawker - This week the Vice President and Social Chair of the United States groped the wife of Ashton Carter as he was sworn in as Secretary of Defense

Just the hero the left needs to fight its War on Women.

According to Secret Service expert and best selling author Ronald Kessler, Biden likes to skinny dip in front of female Secret Service agents assigned to protect him. Naturally, they find this offensive.

"Talk about a war on women. Biden likes to swim nude both at his Vice President's residence in Washington and also at his home in Wilmington which he goes back to several times a week, all at our expense. By the way, a million dollars in Air Force 2 expenses, and this offends female Secret Service agents," Kessler said to Fox News' Sean Hannity Thursday night. "You know, they signed up to take a bullet for the President as you said but they didn't sign up to...they certainly didn't sign up to see Biden naked. It is offensive, it's abusive."