Lefties Call Japanese-American Official Racist for Putting Constitution First

One man with courage makes a majority. And sometimes a little city with courage makes a majority too.

You may have heard of how Los Alamitos took a vote rejecting California's illegal secessionist ban on cooperating with the Federal government. Here's a little more of the story behind it.

"We are a little city in Orange County, but we're tired of things coming out of Sacramento that just don't make sense, and now others are telling us they feel the same way," said Warren Kusumoto, the Los Alamitos councilman who wrote the anti-sanctuary ordinance.

In an interview, Kusumoto said he introduced the language opting out of the new state law because he said state officials are "bullying" city leaders into picking sides between following federal or state law.

Choosing state law over federal law forces local officials to violate their oath of office to defend the U.S. Constitution, he said.\

But the left hates the Constitution. And it hates America.

Kusumoto, whose grandparents are Japanese immigrants who came to Hawaii and then California, rejects charges that he and other Los Alamitos councilmen are racist. He also said liberal groups from outside his city are targeting his home phone number with calls taking issue with the city ordinance from people in Washington, D.C., Florida, and Wisconsin who are reading from a script.

"The bullies on the left—they are out there trying to paint us as racist. We're not. Or they are trying to paint us as anti-immigrant, and we're not," he said. "I come from immigrants—I am not anti-immigrant. That's the sad part. Those who protest us paint a broad brush and they do it for effect."

The city council, he said, is taking a stand against illegal immigration and the right of the federal government to carry out its laws. He said he has heard from legal immigrants who are having trouble finding competitive salaries because they have to compete with illegal immigrants who will accept lower wages.

Standing up to bullies is the only way to beat them. Even if the bully is the Governor of California.