FBI Agent Busted for Leaking Terror Investigation Tactics to Pro-Terror Site

One word. Good.

Expect the media to lose its minds over this when it becomes a bigger story. And yet they're the ones who have been shouting about collusion and the danger of leaking classified information to enemy states. The Intercept has spent much of its time regurgitating Qatari propaganda, it's owned by a Persian billionaire and a key figure, Glenn Greenwald, is a Hamas apologist.

Its views on terrorism are entirely predictable.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed charges against an FBI agent for allegedly leaking secret documents to a reporter, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported Wednesday. 

The DOJ alleges that Terry Albury, a Minneapolis-based agent, shared a document on FBI informants with an unnamed reporter for a national media organization. In addition, Albury allegedly leaked a document “relating to threats posed by certain individuals from a particular Middle Eastern country.”

The Star-Tribune reported that the charges don’t name the reporter or news outlet involved. However, Albury allegedly shared the information between February 2016 and Jan. 31, 2017. The news outlet The Intercept published a piece on Jan. 31, 2017, titled “The FBI’s Secret Rules,” based on a trove of secret FBI documents.

If Secret Rules originated from the leak, then Albury deserves what's coming to him. The files detail the investigative tactics that the FBI uses. Expect this stuff to become a manual for aspiring and current terrorists. It would have been bad enough if this had gone to the New York Times, but if he passed it to The Intercept, that's almost as good as passing it on to the enemy.

Sessions said at the time that the DOJ, FBI and government intelligence agencies would direct more resources into the investigations of government leaks and would prioritize prosecuting those who pass sensitive information along to the press or foreign officials.

This sends an important message. The Obama era is over and there's no room for a shadow government of Obama loyalists in the government.

And now, under Bolton, hopefully there will be some serious exposure of the NSC holdovers who have been leaking material to the media. It's time to drain the swamp.