European Gun Control - London Murders Top New York

If only we had gun control. Like those civilized Europeans

London overtook New York in murders for the first time in modern history in February as the capital endured a dramatic surge in knife crime.

Fifteen people were murdered in the capital, against 14 in New York. Both cities have almost exactly the same population.

London murders for March are also likely to exceed or equal New York’s. By late last night there had been 22 killings in the capital, according to the Metropolitan police, against 21 in the US city.

Eight Londoners were murdered between March 14 and March 20 alone and the total number of London murders, even excluding victims of terrorism, has risen by 38% since 2014.

It's surprising, but there are other ways to murder people. Banning guns doesn't stop murders. At best it means that the murderers have to switch from guns to knives. 

Guns don't kill people. Criminals do.

The left pushes pro-crime policies that unleash criminals while banning inanimate objects. That doesn't work.

If only we had more gun control, we would have just as many bodies in the morgue. Except they would have stab wounds instead of bullet wounds.