Mueller Must Go

Today's FBI raid signals that Mueller will be using the same tactics against President Trump as he did against Manafort and other targets. That includes going after privileged communications.

Does anyone doubt that he can find a friendly judge that will sign off on any abuse of power as long as it's directed against President Trump?

This needs to end. And it needs to end now.

Federal investigators on Monday searched the office, home and Manhattan hotel room of President Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, seizing communications between the lawyer and his clients that cover topics including payments to the former porn actress known as Stormy Daniels, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The searches were executed at the direction of the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office, which has opened an investigation that is being coordinated with the office of special counsel Robert Mueller,...

Stormy Daniels has nothing to do with Russia. It has nothing to do with Russian collusion.

That's what Mueller was supposed to be looking into. Instead the Mueller investigation has been a witch hunt whose goal is to find something, anything. The special crisis that justified Mueller's appointment was supposed to be Russian election tampering. Instead this raid once again shows that the special crisis is Trump. And removing him from office through any means is the priority.

Mueller needs to be removed. This investigation needs to be shut down and replaced with a credible investigation into what the Russians actually did and didn't do, rather than a pretext for bringing down political opponents.

The Mueller witch hunt is just an extension of the eavesdropping conducted by Obama. It's the same set of goals being carried out in a more public forum. 

President Trump needs to clearly and decisively shut them down, avoid any further cooperation or interaction with Mueller or his associates, and move on with rebuilding this country.