Americans Bailed Out Bank of America, Now it Wants to Bankrupt Gun Manufacturers

Americans bailed out Bank of America and Citigroup. 

Citigroup got more bailout money than any other bank. It thanked America by announcing that it's going to join a pressure campaign against gun manufacturers.

Citibank announced Thursday that it will start requiring clients to place some restrictions on gun sales, including banning the sale of firearms to anyone under the age of 21.

The bank will also require retail clients to only sell guns to individuals who have passed a background check and to not sell bump stocks or high-capacity magazines.

Bank of America, which also got its bailout, is going even further.

Bank of America Corp. plans to stop lending to companies that make assault-style guns used for non-military purposes.

“It’s our intention not to finance these military-style firearms for civilian use,” Anne Finucane, a vice chairman at Bank of America, said Tuesday in a Bloomberg Television interview. The firm has had “intense conversations over the last few months” with those kinds of gun manufacturers to tell them it won’t finance their operations in the future, she said.

Firearms manufacturers were already facing financial problems. This is a calculated strategy to enact gun control through the financial sector.

Citigroup and Bank of America were happy enough to take the money of gun owners. Now they want to go to war against the 2nd Amendment. But there's plenty of unfinished business from the financial crisis. 

And, Congress should ban future bailouts to any financial institution that discriminates against any part of the Bill of Rights. 

Just like Delta, monopolies should be made to pay a price for joining the left's culture war against America.