Have Democrats Actually Evolved Since Clinton and Kennedy?

That's the thesis of professional feminist, Jill Fillipovic. Over at NBC News. Never mind, Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton. We're much more sophisticated now.

Since Chappaquiddick, Democrats' views of women have evolved. Republicans' still need to. - The new movie about the Ted Kennedy's involvement in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne highlights the progress women have made in the Democratic party

Except that Ted Kennedy's career ended fairly recently. Al Franken's career ended much more recently. Until the last election, Bill Clinton remained a potent force among the Dems.

A new movie about Kopechne’s death, “Chappaquiddick,” opens in theaters on Friday, and it should force us to confront troubling questions not just about who got away with what nearly 50 years ago, but who retains the kind of unchecked power that Kennedy enjoyed until his death in 2009 – and how feminist successes in holding powerful men accountable have been too uneven.

Feminists supported Ted Kennedy. Just like they did Bill Clinton. Their successes were uneven because they were hypocrites.

Former Sen. Al Franken, who was about as universally beloved as anyone gets on the left, was pressured to resign his office after allegations of sexual harassment by multiple women were augmented by a photo of him pretending to grope a sleeping woman on a U.S.O. tour. Democrats, mostly unelected, may continue to debate whether there should have been a more thorough investigation before members of his own party began pressuring him to resign – but he’s still gone.

Jill's Franken narrative is very conflicted. What she fails to mention is that there are plenty of prominent Frankentruthers in her own party. And women have been punished for holding him accountable. 

Ask Gillibrand about Franken now.

But there is no question that Democrats are cleaning house.

Are they? The #MeToo backlash is underway in the party. It just isn't being reported.

it’s telling that the most recent right-wing sexual assault gotcha is a quarter-century old.

Committed by the guy whose wife was your 2016 presidential candidate.

"Feminist-minded liberals have come a long way from the worldview that enabled Ted Kennedy to turn a terrible crash into a fatal one with his decision to walk away, and still keep his Senate seat. One doesn’t have to stretch too far to imagine that Kennedy weighted his own political future heavier than the life and promise of the bright young political operative trapped in the passenger seat."

Much as they did with the women assaulted by Bill Clinton. Or Al Franken. Or the next Dem star who turns out to have a dark closet.