Lefty Escapes Trump Win by Moving to Colombia

This sounds like a great move with lots of potential. My only question is why move to Colombia when Venezuela has a Socialist economic environment that Bernie and Elizabeth Warren can only harbor murderous dreams about.

But this story is profiled in the New York Times', "Some Say They'd Flee Trump's America. These People Actually Did."

Despite the clickbait title, the paper doesn't do a great job of delivering. Except for its opening.

Peering into a webcam, her face intermittently frozen over an iffy Skype connection in Medellin, Colombia, Lizz Quain was explaining not long ago why she uprooted her 9-year-old twins almost a year and a half ago to travel the world.

Ms. Quain, who is in her 40s, owned a children’s play cafe and preschool near Seattle before she renounced her American middle-class existence in August 2016, fed up with what she described as a stifling, consumerist culture.

Once Donald J. Trump was elected president, she made a common liberal refrain — “If Trump wins, I’m leaving the country” — reality, deciding not to return home with her daughters, Aubrey and Gabriella. After traveling through Asia and Europe, she is now figuring out how to start a business selling products through Amazon to finance the life of an itinerant-by-choice single mother.

“If the G.O.P. gets out of office, if our education system improves, if we get universal health care, I’ll move back to the States because we’ll get tired of traveling,” Ms. Quain said

Get the rest of Seattle to move to Medellin, Colombia and the state might go Republican. But Quain might still want to rethink her move.

According to local police, organized crime organizations like La Oficina and its paramilitary ally AGC, a.k.a. “Los Urabeños,” were responsible for more than half of the 534 homicides registered in Medellin throughout 2016.

Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas said that with approximately 12,000 homicides last year “this is a country that definitely advances towards the conversion into a much more civilized and tranquil society.”

There were  17,250 homicides in the United States. Medelin has less than 2.5 million people. This is Chicago level crime. But it figures that this would be the plan a sore loser would come up with.