Anne Frank House Joins w/Anti-Israel Group, Bans Jewish Clothing

These aren't surprising developments.

The Anne Frank House has long been a toxic incubator of hatred of Jews and the Jewish State while exploiting a murdered Jewish girl. 

In a recent report on xenophobia and racism written by the Anne Frank Foundation, it presented the Arabs’ conflict against Israel from a Palestinian Arab perspective: “There’s a balance between the random suicide attacks by the Palestinians and the fact that Israel isn’t worried about civilian casualties and collective punishment. Israel pushes Palestinians economically in a corner and humiliates them psychologically". This is what Anne Frank symbolized?

A photo of former MP Ariel Sharon alongside one of Adolf Hitler was exhibited at the Anne Frank Museum. The photos were presented as part of an exhibition on "borderline cases'" titled "Out of Line", aimed at testing the borders between freedom of expression and discrimination, according to the Museum's spokesman. Viewers were shown a video, in which demonstrators held a poster of Hitler and Sharon in protest over "Israel's policies in the Palestinian territories".

That was from 2013. Since then things have gotten much worse.

The Anne Frank House will be directing all proceeds from sales of Anne Frank's diary to the anti-Israel "New Israel Fund" which shovels money into groups dedicated to destroying Israel.

So if you're going to buy a copy of the diary, buy it used. 

Caroline Glick has a much more extensive examination of the history of this. But meanwhile there's a report of anti-Semitism from within the Anne Frank House.

A Jewish employee at Anne Frank House could not believe his ears when his bosses banned him from wearing a skullcap at work.

Barry Vingerling turned up for work on his first day at the museum in Amsterdam and was told to take off his 'yarmulke'.

As a temporary solution the museum said Mr Vingerling could cover his head with a baseball cap with the logo of the Anne Frank House.

The board of the Anne Frank Foundation finally concluded, after more than six months of discussions, that Mr Vingerling could wear his yarmulke.

Ms Reus-Deelder said the Anne Frank Foundation was not only a museum but also an organisation that ran dozens of educational programmes.

'Those are directed at combatting antisemitism. We did not want that for example a yarmulke would influence that message,' she said.

Those words make absolutely no sense. But the Anne Frank House, like every other organization bearing her name, is not a Jewish group. These are invariably leftist groups hostile to Jews.

The blogger Bookworm Room described her previous experience at the Anne Frank House. There's nothing Jewish there. Just lefty indoctrination.

At the end if the museum, there’s a room with very short videos, many of which are about special interest demands against a greater European culture that is not bowing to their dressing, immigration, or marriage requirements. The videos begin by focusing on a fictional young person with needs, and then, having personalized that need, gives a brief, shallow, fairly even-handed look at the issue, whether it’s veils in schools, forcing Christian civil servants to perform gay marriages, or allowing people to serve in the military while wearing religious garb.

Having started each video with the personalization, everyone knows what they’re supposed to think. None of the videos delves into the deeper issues. For example, are the veil-wearing girls embracing Dutch culture, or undermining it?

It seems only appropriate for the Anne Frank House to promote the hijab and suppress the yarmulke. That is exactly what it stands for.