Leftist Who Accused Israel of Apartheid, Hurled Racial Slur at Critic


Haaretz publisher Amos Schocken was accused of hurling a racist slur at a North African Jewish woman on Twitter when he allegedly told her that his family had been running things when her family was still living in trees.

The exchange was all the more striking as Schocken's Twitter feed had been filled with denunciations of Prime Minister Netanyahu for trying to remove illegal aliens from Israel. Haaretz, a radical left-wing paper, had accused Netanyahu and other Israeli officials of racism for attempting to enforce the law.

Schocken later deleted his tweet and claimed that he had been misunderstood. And that he used the term to mean something very different than it's widely used. Ironically, he had also called Israel an apartheid state.

"Last year, he called for international pressure to “end Israeli apartheid.”

The Israeli left has a long history of hurling slurs at Middle Eastern Jewish immigrants. That, in no small part, has accounted for its electoral defeats over the years.

Labor also slipped into angry language, publishing advertisements and making statements that questioned Mr. Begin's mental health and emotional stability and uttering what many read as ethnic slurs against Sephardic Jews from Arab and North African countries. They have been among Mr. Begin's most enthusiastic supporters, and much of the election violence has been laid to lower-class Sephardic youth.

As a result, some Israelis began to speak of Labor as the party of the ''whites'' and the Likud as that of the ''blacks'' - an exaggerated caricature underscored last Saturday night at a Labor rally, when an entertainer named Dudu Topaz made an insulting remark about the Sephardim.

From the platform, he looked over the crowd and said that they were the real combat soldiers and that the ''chakhchakhim'' - the Sephardim - served only in support units of the army, if at all. The term is Hebrew slang for ''riffraff,'' but it also carries the connotation of uncouth, street-wise Sephardim.

And then they did it again recently.

A speech that artist Yair Gerboz gave at Saturday night’s rally against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, depicting right-wing voters as superstitious, religious Sephardic thieves who killed Rabin and took over the country, raised the ire of Sephardic people and politicians on the Right Sunday.

Deplorables, in other words.

The Israeli left has always been bigoted. That's why it's managed to lose the votes of every single immigrant group that moved to Israel. Haaretz is the left's house organ. And Schocken is its perfect representative.

Haaretz is everything terrible about the Israeli left in a nutshell.

Haaretz’s Chief Editor asked US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to “rape” Israel, using other unsavory terminology as well in his request for American pressure.

The comments were made during a confidential briefing by Rice on September 10, during one of many visits to the Jewish state. The meeting was attended by about 20 heads of the most senior Israeli think tanks and media leaders, including Landau, at the residence of US Ambassador Richard Jones. Some reported that Landau's remarks were greeted with "blatant discomfort" by some of those present.

Following the briefing, those present at the dinner offered their views and comments on the state of affairs in the Middle East.

Landau, who was seated next to Rice, referred to Israel as a “failed state” politically, and said that a US-imposed settlement is the only thing that can save it. He asked Rice to intervene, going so far as to say that the Israeli government wanted “to be raped” and that it would bring him much satisfaction to see this happen.

Contacted by the Jewish Week, Laundau confirmed the statements, but said his views had been delivered “with much more sophistication.” He admitted: “I did say that in general, Israel wants to be raped — I did use that word — by the U.S., and I myself have long felt Israel needed more vigorous U.S. intervention in the affairs of the Middle East.”

 “I told [Rice] that it had always been my wet dream to see this [US 'rape' of Israel] happen," Landau said, Makor Rishon reported.

Trees would be an improvement over the sewer where Haaretz and its personnel live.