The Left Doesn't Want to Help Syrians, It Wants to Create Syrian Refugees

The media responded to the bombings of Iranian/Syrian targets by complaining that the US has only accepted 11 Syrian refugees this year.

Here's a sample NPR story

In 2016, near the end of Barack Obama's presidency, the U.S. resettled 15,479 Syrian refugees, according to State Department figures. In 2017, the country let in 3,024. So far this year, that number is just 11. By comparison, over the same 3 1/2-month period in 2016, the U.S. accepted 790.

A reasonable conclusion is that Obama was very interested in wrecking Syria by backing the Muslim Brotherhood and making a deal with Iran while bringing Syrians to America. Trump has no interest in bringing Syrians to America, but is addressing Syria.

Would the left prefer to create refugees or address the root causes in Syria?

The answer is really obvious. Obama had no plan for Syria. The media has been shouting that Trump needs to do something about Syria. Now that he's doing something, they're unhappy, but they can't articulate what they want to see done.

Their core critique is that we should bring all of Syria to America. That's bound to turn America into Syria.

The left parasitically exploits humanitarian crises from Haiti to Syria. And it helps create them. Just ask the Clintons. Then it imports a whole lot of new voters. 

Mission accomplished.