Clinton Won't 'Forgive Comey

Hillary Clinton has few skills as a politician or a human being. Her singular talent is a grotesque sense of entitlement that explodes into disproportionate resentment.

While the media was quick to reinvent the former FBI director as a hero after his firing, Clintonworld does not forget or forgive.

“Just because Jim Comey sees himself as a hero, I don’t think the rest of the country will necessarily see him as a hero,” Philippe Reines, former adviser to Clinton told The Daily Beast in an interview.

Reines is buying the book, he said— “It’s not like I spent my one Amazon book credit on Jim Comey”— and he and others continue to harbor anger at Comey for—in their estimation—costing her the election, both with his decision to castigate Clinton on live television in the summer of 2016 and in announcing a reopening of the email investigation in October.

“Mr. Comey needs to put his big-boy pants on, admit that his unethical action swung the election to Trump, and beg for forgiveness,” Paul Begala, CNN contributor and former Clinton White House counselor told The Daily Beast. “My Aunt Fanny’s bean dip makes me mildly nauseous.  Comey swinging the election to Trump makes me sick.”

“James Comey has had ample opportunity to explain why he made a public spectacle of the email issue against Department of Justice protocol and it’s still a mystery,” Nick Merrill, communications director for Clinton told The Daily Beast. “An even bigger mystery is why he did so while keeping an investigation into Trump and his ties to Russia under wraps. There is ample evidence that his actions affected [the] outcome of the election, so unless his book includes directions on how to build a time machine, I’m not sure what value it will have at this point.”

“I welcome the book tour,” a staffer close to the Clinton campaign, requesting to speak on background, told The Daily Beast. “I want him to answer a lot of questions.  He has never been held accountable for what he did because he used his official position to evade questions from Congress and wouldn’t talk to the press. But this isn’t Director Comey anymore, this is citizen Comey and citizen Comey can’t choose what he answers and what he doesn’t. The press will force him to answer questions about the election and won’t allow him to dodge.”

Longtime Clinton cronies are obviously playing to their mistress' rage. And there's no doubt that Hillary Clinton is watching their performance with a glass of white wine in one hand and her nails digging into her palms with the other.  But they also resent losing the power and privilege that was meant to be theirs.

The Dems have moved on to the next war. And that requires turning Comey finto a hero, but Clintonworld is still bitter. They will not forget or forgive.