Evan McMullin Owes Staffers Money, But Keeps Running Anti-Trump Ads

Evan McMullin, an evil children's toy come to life, is hard at work accusing the President of the United States of being a Russian stooge... even while he takes money from Snowden's ally's sugar daddy.

Stand Up Republic spends money on ads attacking Republicans. Meanwhile McMullin allegedly owes the people who worked for him money, according to the Daily Caller's Joe Simonson.

The staffer also claims the campaign never paid him somewhere between 12-15 thousand dollars on top of a few thousand dollars in reimbursements. While he has since since recovered, he expressed concern about former staffers with “families and children.”

There are many other vendors who still have never received payment from McMullin, he said. The McMullin campaign was nearly $670,000 in debt according to its last Federal Elections Commission filing in July 2017, TheDCNF reported Tuesday

That same report from TheDCNF demonstrated that the campaign has been potentially violating federal campaign finance law for nearly a year because it has ceased performing the required monthly filings despite numerous warnings from the FEC.

If Evan McMullin were Trump, there would be FBI agents raiding his offices now.

Currently, the two lead Stand Up Republic, an advocacy group focused on criticizing the president and pressuring House Republicans to take action against what they see as Trump’s policy of “[conceding] to Vladimir Putin.”

Their work with Stand Up Republic, which is funded primarily by the Democracy Fund, is their primary source of income, the former staffer said.

None of the income McMullin has received from his work at Stand Up Republic has apparently gone to any staffer or vendor, according to the individual. Because many who aided or advised his campaign paused their other consulting or legal work, some almost were teetering on bankruptcy when it became apparent that they were never getting paid, he said.

The Democracy Fund is a creature of Persian billionaire Pierre Omidyar. He's also the guy behind The Intercept. While McMullin lectures us on national security, his sugar daddy funds a site most closely associated with terrorist supporters like Glenn Greenwald. But McMullin is as committed to national security as he is to fiscal conservatism. Not to mention honor, ethics and integrity.