Comey: Hillary Should Have Won

A shockingly unexpected opinion from the guy overseeing a bureau that gave Hillary Clinton a pass while training all its guns on Trump.

REMNICK: Do you think we’d be a lot better off with Hillary Clinton as president than Donald Trump?

COMEY: Certainly given her commitment to our traditions and our norms and our values and the rule of law, yes.

No one quite embodies the rule of law like a Clinton.

Speaking of, can Jimmy remind us of the last guy to fire an FBI director?

Our political norms, our traditions and our values, not to mention the rule of law, are best served by selling pardons to the highest bidder. Just ask the most honorable man doing a book tour right now.

How does Comey know Hillary's commitments to our traditions? And which traditions are those? Compulsive lying, compulsive thieving and compulsive paranoia?

Does Comey mean America traditions, norms and values? Or lefty ones.

Does he mean the rule of constitutional law? Or the rule of the bureaucracy and its judiciary?