Twitter Bans Criticism of Islam,


Hamas has a Twitter account and its top tweet calls for, "intensifying efforts to resist Israeli Judaisation of Jerusalem." (The Hamas site is protected by Cloudflare.)

Twitter doesn't have a problem with a murderous Islamic terror group slurring Jews on its service. Here, as Front Page's Jamie Glazov found out, is what it does have a problem with.


Jamie Glazov was tweeting these messages to people who agreed with them. There was nothing harassing here. There were difficult truths here.

Truths that Twitter felt the need to censor because they were critical, not hateful, of Islam.

I've been seeing this happening more often. Most conservative Twitter users have. The harassment guidelines are being used to silence people who call out Islamic hate speech or criticism of Islam.

It's the European model and it's here in America courtesy of social media firms.

The temporary suspension of Jamie's Twitter account was a statement from Twitter that Islam may not be criticized. 

There's nothing wrong with Hamas calling for a campaign against 'Judaisation". There is something wrong with speaking out against the abuse of women in Islam.

Jamie notes,

The mystery remains: how is quoting Islamic texts “hateful conduct”? Will Twitter soon be suspending Muslims’ accounts when their owner’s quote Islamic texts? They do so all the time.

Will this policy soon materialize into official public policy and will law enforcement soon be confiscating Qur’ans and other Islamic literature from mosques, Muslims’ households and other Islamic institutions?

Or do we have a situation in which kafirs (Islam’s dirty secret word for unbelievers) are the ones who are not allowed to quote Islamic texts, but Muslims are? If so, and that appears to be the case, then it means that Twitter has bowed to Islamic blasphemy laws.

Twitter has. And not only Twitter.