David Horowitz on the Left's Weaponization of Race (VIDEO)

David Horowitz - "How progressives use race as a weapon against our country" from DHFC on Vimeo.

"Civilizations die when they cease to believe in themselves. They lose the will to defend themselves. And thus the will to survive," David Horowitz warns in this compelling presentation. "And the chief weapon of those enemies that are secular is race." 

There are few people in the conservative movement who understand the extent to which the left derives its cultural and legal problem from racial divisiveness better than David Horowitz.

The Freedom Center's founder and leader has seen the battle from both sides. And he understands that until the left's weaponization of race is ended, there can be no healing. The power of the left rests on using identity politics to turn Americans against each other. And he understands how the path to victory lies from breaking the grip of the left on the black community, for example, by shattering their control of inner city education and indoctrination, because freedom lies through institutional independence. 

In his attack on Kanye West in The Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates spoke of a "white freedom". But to paraphrase Obama, there is no white freedom or black freedom. Only freedom.

The left's racial divisiveness is powered by exploitation. It misrepresents anger and resentment as liberation. But its resenters are prisoners of their own grievances. They invent fantasies of oppression to justify their dysfunction.

Their goal is to destroy our society by defaming it. And they begin, as David Horowitz warns, by distorting our history, by misrepresenting America as a slave nation, rather than a slavery destroying nation.

"Slavery existed in every society on earth for 3,000 years until a group of white people, Christians in America and England... declared that slavery was immoral. Slavery existed for a thousand years in Africa before a white man ever set foot there," Horowitz says, laying out the case for the true history.

The true history of America is a matter of pride. While the left strives to turn it into a matter of shame.

This video presentation is an important educational tool for telling the true story of America, of race and of the left.

"Institutional racism is a fiction created by the left," David Horowitz warns. "The left distorts everything through this racial prism."

Identity politics divides, he emphasizes. But the truth can unite.