Anti-American Pulitzer Chair Junot Diaz in #MeToo Scandal

Usually the left has to take over before it begins purging its own ranks quite this thoroughly. But apparently its members think it has. And I can only chuckle at the thought of the ranks of leftist authors in politically correct literature getting the media treatment. 

Junot Diaz is hated even back in the Dominican Republic. And he spends more time talking about how racist America is than about anything literary. 

That's a problem for an "author", Pulitzer board member and chair.

The Pulitzer Prize Board says Junot Díaz will not serve as the chairman of its board amid a review of sexual misconduct allegations against the author.

Díaz is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and creative writing professor. He was elected incoming chairman in April and asked to relinquish the chairman role. The organization said Thursday that he will remain on the board.

Author Zinzi Clemmons said on Twitter last week that Díaz forcibly kissed her several years ago. Other female writers also shared their encounters with Diaz on social media.

The Pulitzers have increasingly gone off the rails. Even more so than usual. And Diaz, another version of Ta-Nehisi Coates, is an unpleasant politically correct racist of the worst kind.

“To be a young immigrant is to survive an apocalypse.” Díaz says, “there was a white world trying to destroy me.” Every day Díaz claims he was forced to endure “the utter, awful onslaught of it.”

None of the books he read had brown or black characters, according to Díaz. There were no heroes “like me.” What’s more, the authors of those books were part of a white supremacist racist system. They were, in their way, white supremacist racists themselves. J.R.R. Tolkien. Richard Adams. Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Díaz gets to the heart of the matter at 17:00 in the video. Not only were the Parlin children calling him uncharitable names, “the super-white books I was reading were, too. Perhaps not as crudely. Sotto voce. But they were. From Laura Ingalls Wilder writing ‘there were no people, only Indians’ to Tolkien comparing black men to trolls, and Richard Adams talking about ‘primitive people’ all through ‘Watership Down,’ it was there.

"The relentless underlying whiteness was devouring me. Dios mio, the erasure. The utter erasure.”

I'm surprised the author of that racist rant is also an all-around terrible person. Maybe now college students will no longer have to endure the awful onslaughter of reading Junot Diaz. 

He could go back to the Dominican Republic, but wait, they don't want him either.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Junot Diaz is persona non grata at the Dominican Republic’s consul in New York after he came under fire for criticizing the Caribbean country’s immigration policies.

Eduardo Selman, the Consul general for the Dominican Republic, called Diaz “anti-Dominican” and stripped him of an Order of Merit medal he was given in 2009.

In 2013, Jose Santana, the then executive director of the country’s International Advisory Committee of Science and Technology, told Diaz to be mindful of what he tells the press. He called him a “fake and overrated pseudo-intellectual” who “should learn to speak Spanish better before coming to this country to talk nonsense.”

There's always Mordor.