If You Can't Disavow Anti-Israel Hate Groups, You're Not Pro-Israel

Being pro-Israel doesn't mean believing that Israel has a right to exist. But agreeing to disagree on the subject with those who don't.

That's the bare minimum expected of anyone.

But we keep seeing that attitude in establishment putatively pro-Israel circles. They're pro-Israel, but they collaborate with and defend BDS bigots. They will even attack pro-Israel activists, as the ADL and some campus pro-Israel group leaders did when they went after Canary Mission.

Here's how one activist described it, "I stand against any action that intimidates an individual because of their political views. While I do not support BDS, I have friends that do, and that’s ok. We learn and grow from sharing our perspectives with one another." 

Also Klansmen and black people learn and grow from sharing perspectives.

The latest incident of collusion between BDS bigots and Jewish groups was reported on by Sloan Rachmuth.

 Instead of shunning this antisemitic Jewish group, the Jewish establishment has allowed their activists into leadership positions in Durham’s Jewish organizations. For example, Sandra Korn and Laura Haft hold positions as “faculty” at the Durham/Chapel Hill Jewish Federation, and Korn holds a leadership position at Judea Reform Synagogue. According to public records, the Federation and Durham’s two main synagogues receive donations from supporters of the anti-Israel BDS movement, which perhaps explain this unfortunate situation.

The Federation has defended itself in the usual way, by attacking its critics while suggesting that banishing BDS bigots would be mean and un-Jewish.

"There are some who wish for us to publicly call out and renounce individual members of JVP, something we will not do.  As an organization, we embrace pluralism and welcome diverse beliefs and opinions within the community.  While we do not support JVP as their mission and agenda do not align with ours, we do not need to attack others in this manner – there is nothing Jewish about doing this."

Really? Nothing Jewish in standing for Jewish rights?  

If Judea Reform found out that one of its employees believed that black people were genetically inferior, how long do you think he would keep his job?

The lefty establishment has no problem banishing people for views it considered repugant. It just doens't consider unrelenting hostility to Israel to be repugnant.

And that's the real issue.