Ramadan Terror: 3 Churches Hit by Suicide Bombers in Muslim Indonesia

It could have been much worse. But it's another reminder of what life is like for Christians in Muslim countries. 

Suicide bombers attacked three churches in Indonesia early Sunday, killing at least six people and wounding more than 35 others, police and media reports said.

All three attacks occurred in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-largest city of around 2.8 million people in a country that holds the world’s largest Muslim majority, Reuters reported.

But that's never enough.

The first attack was at the Santa Maria Roman Catholic Church, which killed two people, including a suspected suicide bomber disguised as a churchgoer, and wounded 11, police told TVOne network.

The attack was followed by a second explosion in another church that killed another person, while two were rushed to a hospital.

This is an ongoing part of life in Indonesia.

 December 2000: Improvised bombs disguised as Christmas gifts and delivered to churches and clergymen kill 19 people and injure scores more across Indonesia.

October 2002: Bombs at crowded nightspots on the resort island of Bali kill 202 people, mostly foreign tourists, in Indonesia's worst-ever terror attack.

September 2004: A suicide car bomb kills 10 outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta.

A little bit more about that first attack.

Bombs exploded outside churches in Jakarta and five other cities and towns on Christmas Eve, killing at least 10, injuring dozens and worsening already difficult relations between Muslims and Christians throughout the fractured archipelago.

The blasts happened as services were about to get under way Sunday night. There were no immediate claims of responsibility, but religious violence and tensions have been rising throughout this predominantly Muslim country.

Five Catholic and Protestant churches were targeted in Jakarta, where three people were killed. Four of the dead Sunday were police officers who tried to disarm a bomb in Pekanbaru on Sumatra island, the official Antara news agency said. One civilian was also killed there. Two people were killed in a blast at a Christian-owned house in Bandung west Java, Indonesia's main island, police said.

The Christmas celebrations coincide with the final days of Ramadan, Islam's month of fasting, which ends Tuesday.

Ramadan is approaching. And so the bombs have come again.