Reminder: Al Jazeera is Not a News Org, It's the Arm of Pro-Hamas Qatar

The attacks on Israel have led to their predictable and intended outcome. Israeli soldiers firing in self-defense against attackers and rioters. Whether they use gas, rubber bullets or, as a last resort, live ammunition, Hamas, the PLO and their anti-Israel allies milk the victimhood for all it's worth.

And, accompanying that, are the usual claims of "journalists" being wounded.

Thus far the "journalists" have consistently turned out to be members of terror groups. The latest one is reportedly from Al Jazeera.

While Qatari money has bought Al Jazeera a lot of credibility, the fact remains that it's not a news organization. It's an influence operation by Qatar.

Qatar remains a major backer of Hamas. And its Muslim Brotherhood parent. (And that's even without addressing the 9/11, Al Qaeda and ISIS link to the country occasionally listed as America's ally,)

Al Jazeera doesn't have journalists, it has propagandists who, whether it's in Egypt or Gaza, act to promote the Qatari pro-terrorist agenda. And that especially includes Hamas. 

An Al Jazeera "journalist" covering Hamas is no different than a Der Sturmer scribe covering the Nazi advance into Poland. 

Qatar is a state sponsor of terror. Al Jazeera ia the propaganda arm of a state sponsor of terror.

And both should be treated that way.