If You Back the Hamas Gaza Protest, You Support the Murder of Jews

It's really simple.

Over a decade ago, Israel pulled out of Gaza, lock, stock and barrel. Jews living there were forcibly removed using the same tactics that would have lefties foaming at the mouth if they were being used to etnically cleanse Muslim settlers. The Muslim settlers in Gaza destroyed, looted and burned their synagogues. Hamas took over the area and continued its war on Israel.

Israel left Gaza. Hamas went after it.

The Hamas organized attacks were more of the same. "Mostly unarmed protesters" being used as human shields for a Hamas organized attack. 

Israel didn't come into Gaza. Once again, Hamas tried to invade Israel. As it's always done.

The nauseating virtue signaling is sickening. The shrieks that it's a massacre. (It's always a massacre when Israel fights back. It's never a massacre when Hamas goes into Israel and murders civilians.) It's a war crime. It's a slaughter. It's a horror.


Not one of these cretins has felt a fraction of the same outrage at the Passover massacre which killed 30 Israelis and wounded 140. The oldest victim was a 90-year-old woman.

There's a good reason for that. They don't give a damn when Jews are murdered. 

Terrorist lives matter. Jewish lives don't.

Some of the social media slime comes from #resistance members who care more about throwing their digital feces at Jared and Ivanka than having any sense of right or wrong. Most of it just comes from lefties who have come around to supporting Hamas.

They just won't use the H-word. They'll bleat endlessly about Israel murdering women and children. They'll recycle every blood libel. But they won't talk about what they really support.

So let's be clear.

Condemning Israel for defending itself against Hamas is... supporting Hamas.

No more hiding behind concern trolling. No pretense that you're just condemning a disproportionate Israeli response. 

When you carry water for a Hamas attack on Israel, you support the murder of Jews.

It's that simple.

An honest Hamas supporter on the left would be almost refreshing. But we would have to go to the UK to find a Corbynite for that. Or whatever hole Glenn Greenwald is living in now. Instead we have to endure the virtue signaling of cowards who hide behind false atrocity claims but won't even come out and say the horror that they support. 

So here's a modest proposal for Judd Apatow, Debra Messing, and all the rest, Say the H-word. Own it. And then look in the mirror. 

This is what the mirror looks like.