Murphy Brown and the Desperate Monetization of #Resistance

The only thing funny about the Murphy Brown trailer is its existence.

There's an actress playing an anchorwoman (whom 60 Minutes briefly decided should be an actual anchorwoman before Candice Bergen brought them to their sense) lecturing us about "fake news" and "real journalism". Fake news really doesn't get any more fake than an actress playing a lefty reporter sneering about alternative facts and pining for the days when Walter Cronkite told us all what to think.. (Unless it involves John Oliver.)

The cast is old and tired. CBS has to flash photos of their younger selves to remind us whom we're looking at. And the only hook they have going for them is Trump bashing.

Because of course.

Trump bashing took Colbert's show out of the dumpster. He's still not funny. But hey, it's the #resistance. And CBS is gambling that it will pay off for Murphy Brown. Because what CBS really needs is its news personalities (those who weren't fired for sexually harassing subordinates), fake news comedians, Stephen Colbert, and fake fake news anchors, Murphy Brown, all ranting about Trump.

There's a desperation to it.

Some in the media have made lots of money bashing Trump. But even Jimmy Kimmel noted that the well is starting to run dry. And watching the elderly cast of Murphy Brown trying to signal that they're down with it (along with an obligatory minority/young person) just makes it obvious how pathetic and desperate the monetization of the #Resistance has become.