Canadian Spa Gives Us First Muslim Baking Gay Wedding Cake Case

Conservatives have speculated what would happen if an immovable victim class hit an unstoppable underprivileged group. Some tried to make it happen by asking Muslim bakers to bake a gay wedding cake. But that was never going to work. This on the other hand is an actual case. And it's glorious. (via Instapundit.)

The owner of a local waxing spa is mounting a public campaign to clear the name of his business after he was served a human rights complaint for denying service to a transgender woman.

Jason Carruthers, the president of Mad Wax on Walker Road, said he was surprised at the legal move since he had explained to the complainant that the spa did not offer Brazilian wax services on male body parts.

“I have no male wax staff,” Carruthers said Friday. “We are not able to provide that service.”

A local transgender woman claims she was denied services based on her gender identity and gender expression and is seeking $50,000 for “immense harm to my dignity.”

Now normally his goose would be cooked.

Obviously a woman should not be forced to wax male body parts. Except that there are no more women. Or men. Just people with interchangeable parts and equal rights. And everyone has rights, but no one has rights now. Except the right to make other people do things they don't want to do.

But the spa owner has an ace up his sleeve.

Carruthers said he called her back and explained that the female employee working that day was a practising Muslim who refrains from physical contact with males outside of her family.

Well, what do you do with that? Whose rights take precedence? Obviously the religious values of any other group would not only be a defense, but an indictment. The whole point of these exercises in social justice bullying is to humiliate other people for their beliefs. But Muslims are the one fundamentalist religious group that the left loves and wants to hug and kiss all day long.

It can't possibly put Islam on trial. And so there's an uncomfortable collision here between protected groups. A collision that the left's political theology says shouldn't be happening.

What happens when an immovable victim group hits an unstoppable crybully?