Shaun King's 11 Best Excuses for Not Denouncing Farrakhan

Angry social justice activist Shaun King has many reasons for not denouncing Louis Farrakhan's anti-Semitism. Like, Farrakhan's son just died. Also, I never met him. Almost too many reasons to count. (Aside from the fact that if you're this white, you need as much cred as you can get.)

But here are 11.


1. It's racist to ask Shaun King to denounce Farrakhan




2. Instead of asking me to denounce Farrakhan, look at how Israel is killing people




3. Being asked to denounce Farrakhan is some sort of Jewish conspiracy





4. Shaun King never even met Farrakhan





5. Farrakhan's Son Just Died





6. You're just saying Farrakhan is anti-Semitic





7. Shaun King is not responsible for things you think Farrakhan is saying that may not even be anti-Semitic





8. Tamika Mallory isn't responsible for supporting Farrakhan either because she doesn't control his Twitter





9. Shaun King fights Neo-Nazis so you can't call him anti-Semitic





10. Tamika Mallory's anti-Semitism is a black church thing





11. Loving Farrakhan doesn't make you a bigot