SPLC: PragerU is Alt Right and Anti-Alt-Right

I know.

Expecting any kind of logic and consistency from an organization whose research listed a bar sign as a hate group is asking a lot. And I say that as an individual whom the Southern Poverty Law Center listed as a hate group... before it decided to stop doing that.

Still the SPLC's attack on PragerU is particularly weak.

The bizarre part comes at the very end.

The most egregious of PragerU’s videos, in Tripodi’s opinion, is “What is the Alt-Right?” Hosted by conservative internet talk show host Michael Knowles, the video posits that as an “alternative” to conservatism, the alt-right is most accurately compared with the left, for three reasons: the left and the alt-right are obsessed with identity politics, both focus on group identity rather than the individual, and both the left and the alt-right “ultimately reject God.” The video ends with Knowles declaring, “In other words, the alt-right has nothing in common with conservatism, and is in fact much closer to leftism. Except, of course, that the left is much, much larger.”

So, obviously, PragerU is alt-right. Cue the next two paragraphs.

However, their choice of guests and underlying messaging demonstrates how this cross-promotion of ideas and influencers creates both an algorithmic and cultural connection between conservative ideology and ‘alt-right’ terminology.”

As Tripodi’s study demonstrates, PragerU seems to be yet another node on the internet connecting conservative media consumers to the dark corners of the extreme right.

Nothing says alt-right like Ben Shapiro.  Seriously, after citing PragerU's attack on the alt-right, the SPLC then accuses it of being linked to the alt-right. 

This is what happens when you start out with a premise. And then you ignore everything along the way except your conclusion.