The Seattle Tax and the Hypocrisy of the Woke Corps

(Photo via Obama White House)

Seattle, like a lot of blue urbs and burbs, decided to slap on a tax to help the homeless and create low income housing. This same scam was pulled in a number of cities including Los Angeles with no one the wiser. But Seattle made a big mistake. It went after the big money. Not middle class taxpayers. Corps taking in $20 million. And they struck back. Now the tax is headed to the abattoir. 

But here's how the woke corps reacted.

Amazon and Starbucks are among companies that have promised to cut large checks to a campaign collecting signatures for a referendum to repeal Seattle’s head tax.

Both Seattle-based global giants have pledged $25,000 to the “No Tax on Jobs” effort, according to a report filed Wednesday with the city’s elections commission.

$25K is what Jeff Bezos finds in his seat cushions. But okay. 

Though many businesses opposed the tax, Amazon in particular put pressure on the mayor by threatening to abandon some Seattle growth plans.

The retail behemoth stands to pay more than $10 million for the tax next year.

The referendum campaign is chaired by James Maiocco, chief business development officer with Pushpay, a Redmond-based tech firm.

The campaign’s secretary is Saul Spady, president of an advertising company and grandson of Dick Spady, the founder of Dick’s. No Tax on Jobs wants to put a referendum on the Nov. 6 ballot, Spady said last week.

Now there's nothing wrong with businesses pushing back against unfair taxes. And a head tax was particularly stupid because it does look like a tax on jobs. And in the battle between woke corps and Seattle's woke socialist leadership, the guy who owns the Washington Post won.

No real surprise there.

But it's the smug hypocrisy that is the problem. 

The left wants other people to live by its rules. It's a fan of high taxes. For other people. The occasional "tax me more" line from the left is laughable. Like everyone else, the left hates taxes and strives to avoid them. But yet it pretends that it isn't that way and that it loves paying taxes. It's when you actually tax it that the truth comes out.