Why Do Black People Hate Cynthia Nixon?

The media loves covering Cynthia Nixon because she's just Bernie Sanders if the bespectacled bumbling socialist had starred on a terrible series instead of renaming post offices while dreaming of the Comintern. But she has the same base as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The one group that the left hates almost as much as Jews. White people.

NY Gov Dem primary poll (Siena)

Andrew Cuomo 61%
Cynthia Nixon 26%

By race:
White: Cuomo 57-30%
Latino: Cuomo 69-23%
Black: Cuomo 74-17

Nixon was never a serious candidate. Much like Bernie.

People will vote for lefties who make everything worse. Bill de Blasio, Barack Obama and Jerry Brown are a case in point. But they generally won't vote for screwballs and cranks. 

And minorities find the screwballs that the left likes putting forward particularly unappealing. 

Sorry Cynthia, wait around for Sex in the City 3. It's bound to happen.