Why Are Univision and Henry Louis Gates Getting Away With Running a Racist Site?

"A a resident of Cobb County, Ga., recently surpassed the record held by Roseanne Barr and Rachel Dolezal on the Becky-ometer, a scientific tool used to measure the caucasity of white women."

So reads a typical post on The Root. 

Similar derogatory racial references about white people abound on the site. The Root is owned by Univision (as part of a package with the vile Gawker properties) and in theory edited by Obama pal, Henry Louis Gates Jr.

 "White women started to white woman things when Diddy gave props to Black women," reads a Root headline. "White people are cowards" is another" As is, "President Declares State of Emergency After White Tears Flood Correspondents’ Dinner."

Flip the racial metric around and can you imagine major advertisers and a nationwide media company running a site whose bloggers routinely posted similar racial references about black people?

 "Black women started to black woman things." "Black people are cowards." "President Declares State of Emergency After Black Tears."

The Root's racism isn't unique. It's part of the poisonous racism that infects intersectional spaces. The same ironic racism that's decried on the alt-right is cheered on the alt-left. And indeed, the alt-right just picked on many of the same memes floating around the intersectional tumblr and reddit communities. 

Univision is running a racist site. And advertisers flock to spend their ad dollars on a racist site. As long as it's intersectional alt-left racism. 

And Henry Louis Gates gets to posture as a scholar while running a site that reads like Der Sturmer for the intersectional crowd.