No One Wants Bloomberg to Run for President

Aside from buying the New York City Mayor's office, Michael Bloomberg would have gotten a better return on the money he invested in politics if he just bought millions of lottery tickets.

Bloomy flirted with a run in 2016. Even going so far as having a team produce a really awkward presentation. Now he's flirting with a 2020 run.

The obvious question isn't why. Bloomberg, a cold fish with the charisma of stale fish sticks, is convinced that the world needs him. Even though absolutely no one does. And I say this as somebody who can recognize that he did some good, and the Democrat alternative to him, Bill de Blasio, proved to be a complete and utter nightmare.

But what exactly is the demographic for a Bloomberg run?

Liberal Republicans who hate Trump? There are almost enough of them to swing a Republican primary on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and some parts of D.C. And not much else. Democrats who want a more moderate figure? Independents looking for someone apolitical, but who hates the Second Amendment and coal plants?

Even Bloomy backed away from 2016 when he realized it wasn't happening. It's not happening in 2020 either. Even if someone could fill a need that you need a microscope to measure, it won't be him.

But Bloomberg is itching to do something. Business isn't enough for him. He wanted Obama to appoint him to a position. Didn't happen. He wanted to be somebody's V.P. Didn't happen either.

His only possible role in a presidential race is as a spoiler. And it's unclear which way the spoilage would go. Bloomy clearly wants to hurt Republicans, but he's more likely to attract the voters that the Dems need. There's no reason other than ego for Bloomberg to do this. And ego may be enough.

Nobody wants Bloomberg in the White House. Except him.