On ICE, Bernie Sanders Proves Again He's Afraid of His Lefty Base

Bernie Sanders is a courageous truth-teller who isn't afraid of anyone and tells it like it is.

That's if you believe the media and his fan base. In reality, Bernie is a little man who lives in fear of his own Sandernistas. Whenever he steps out of line, they whack him until he gets back into line.

In a Vox interview, Bernie Sanders rejected open borders as a Koch plan that would devalue American workers. A little slapping quickly brought him around into line. He was skeptical on gun control. Then he was slapped into line. He suggested that Israel might have a right to defend itself against Hamas. And was slapped into line. He was a little tentative about Black Lives Matters and was slapped into line. This time around, he was slow to adopt the left's latest "DESTROY ICE" position. And the left rounded on him.

And now, as all the previous times, he loudly reversed himself. And adopted the left's position at twice the volume.

Bernie Sanders Ver. 12 is for open borders, gun control, Hamas, drug dealers and yes, abolishing ICE. And he's so loud and obnoxious about it (or whoever runs his Twitter account is) that you would never know that he once had a different opinion.

Because Bernie, the 1% with the three houses, is a hypocrite and a coward. He's not a courageous truthteller, but the guy riding a golden lefty money train and getting his stepkids on board. He has no integrity, no courage and no principles. 

The real Bernie is a coward.