Congressional Black Caucus Head Levels Truthful Accusation at Republicans

The left accuses Republicans of all sorts of things on a regular basis. Usually those things have nothing to do with reality. But, occasionally, very rarely it does.

Here's the head of the Congressional Black Caucus venting over the DOJ's Ken Marcus pulling Obama's super-racial preference letters. That doesn't end affirmative action. Hopefully the next justice will do that. But it does roll back some of the Obama overreaches. And Rep. Richmond is none too happy.

“Yet again we see that this administration's goal and vision for ‘Making America Great Again’ is to reduce the role of the state in making sure our society prizes diversity and inclusion,” Richmond said in a statement. 

That is exactly correct.

It is not the role of the state to make sure our society prizes diversity. Or uniformity. Or everyone painting their faces gray.

Conservatives don't believe in the state controlling society. If we can all agree on one thing, that ought to be it.

Well done, Cedric.