Can't Stop the Crazy: Dems Try to Pull Back on #AbolishICE

The media doesn't do journalism anymore. It does narrative. Its headlines, like those of the Chinese, Russian and North Korean media, relay the talking points of its ideological bosses.

NBC News' "Some Democrats want to go to war over abolishing ICE. So does President Trump." is typical narrative. Its message echoes those of Democrat leaders but with the only thing that works in a polarized political environment. The message is, "Stop doing this terrible extremist thing you keep doing, because it's what the other side wants." Except that message doesn't really work either.

Trying to sell the left on the idea that #AbolishICE plays into Trump's hands is the last desperate gasp of a Dem leadership that's stuck in the hell that it's made. Peak outrage is tearing the party apart. And anything that seems further to the left, whether it's abolishing immigration law, supporting Hamas, impeaching Trump and vandalizing Republican offices seems awesome.

And anyone who doesn't support it is a sellout.

Bernie Sanders tried to dig in, but is now all in. No one is allowed to stand in the way of the crazy thing that the leftist base wants to do now.

As Obama liked to say, "Forward!"

he windows of the Nebraska Republican Party’s office in Lincoln were smashed and the phrase “ABOLISH ICE” spray-painted on the sidewalk in front of the building, The Associated Press reported Tuesday.

Vandals threw bricks through the building’s windows, located three blocks from the state Capitol. The damage is estimated to total about $1,200.

When they enforce the law, we smash their windows with bricks.