Pelosi: "I’m Determined to Avenge President Obama If It’s the Last Thing I Do."

"From hell's heart Nancy Pelosi stabs at thee, for hate's sake she spits her last chardonnay at thee." 

This is what happens as you approach peak outrage. Out of desperation, you start talking like a Batman villain. Prose too purple for the pulps now pops up in fundraising letters.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sent out a dramatic, no-holds-barred fundraising email on Monday saying she is "determined to avenge President Obama if it’s the last thing I do" by preemptively opposing President Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

She knows not what she will do, but they will be the very terror of Marin County.

Does Obama need avenging for running afoul of the Biden rule and wasn't allowed to replace a Republican with a leftist.

In the fundraising email, Pelosi opened by acknowledging that she has been making persistent appeals to potential donors lately: "I emailed on Saturday. I emailed on Sunday. Now I’m emailing you again today."

And the email does read like it was written by someone who hasn't slept in days.

She then outlines her plan to get back at Senate Republicans for their refusal to vote on Obama's 2016 Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland. That vacant seat ultimately went to now-Justice Gorsuch after Trump's election. Pelosi, though, has no actual vote in the confirmation process, and seemingly uses the email to raise money for House Democratic candidates. 

And the email targets lefties too stupid to know better.

But Pelosi will send out crazed fundraising emails if it's the last thing she does.