Remember When Stormy Daniels Was Going to Bring Down Trump?

'Member when Stormy Daniels was going to bring down Trump? The Washington Post does. 

"Stormy Daniels — not Robert Mueller — might spell Trump's doom" WaPo, Mar 17, 2018.

Time Magazine dedicated a cover to the premise. (The cover now survives only as a pro-Trump meme.) And Stormy's lawyer, fresh off trying to launch a presidential bid, had to rush to defend his client after being arrested at a strip club for the usual offenses. Water does eventually find its own level. So did Stormy and her promoters.

Stormy Daniels has gone back to her career. And the media is quickly losing interest. The rotating deck of conspiracy theories and promised revelations has to keep being shuffled or the rubes who read the Post will finally realize they've been played. 

But Stormy served her purpose by helping Mueller's allies go after Trump's lawyer and helped Qatar go after an RNC fundraiser.

Mission accomplished. Go home.