Witches Aren't Real, But Coups Are

David French, a guy who sorta maybe tried to run against Trump (and thus effectively for Hillary) as a third-party candidate, before settling down to a career of cranking out pious pseudo-conservative columns that make watching paint dry seem like the coliseum, wants you to know that witches are real. Here he is at the National Review with, "Mueller’s Latest Indictments Show That ‘Witches’ Are Very Real."

This indictment makes it even more troubling that Trump mocks, denigrates, and undermines the Mueller investigation as a “witch hunt.” We now know that there was real wrongdoing; we just don’t yet know its extent... As Mueller reveals more facts about Russian interference and indicts more individuals for troubling crimes uncovered as part of his entirely legitimate investigation, it’s time for the GOP to tell the president that the hunt needs to continue, because the witches are very real.

Start with a silly premise. Reach a silly conclusion.

The Russians stuck their oar in the election. However what most of the actual evidence, including from progressive sources like Facebook, suggests, is that they sought to influence Americans to support their political agendas by embedding them in messaging aimed at both sides of the spectrum, from Black Lives Matter to the right. And they sought to divide Americans and sow chaos in our political system.

Mueller is an extension of that same agenda, with Obama, the Clintons, and other Democrats, piggybacking on Russian efforts to go after Republicans. When French and other anti-Trumpers back Mueller, they are helping Putin.

Witches aren't real, coups are.

Full stop.

The Mueller coup is an attack on our democracy that is far more severe than the DNC hacking that David French would like us to agonize over.

There’s no way to know if it moved enough votes in key states to swing the election, but the leaks of hacked emails dominated multiple news cycles, embarrassed key Democrats, and sowed a degree of discord within the Democratic party

There's no way to know if UFOs or Bigfoot swung the election. "No way to know" is weaseling. We don't disprove negatives. Either you prove your allegation or toss in the towel.

There is to date zero evidence that the email hacks (a non-issue outside the D.C. and political insider bubble) swung the election. The idea remains wildly implausible. But French and Mueller and the rest of the gang cling to it because if the hacks didn't influence the election, then who cares?

That's the big question.

Indeed the biggest beneficiaries of Russians targeting the DNC and DCCC, and the Clintons, would be... wait for it... and the far left. Republicans did not benefit from Democrat infighting, but it's hard to miss the ascendancy of the far left, Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, the DSA and the rest of the gang. The very same political movement in which the Russians have deep roots.

The hacks didn't swing an election. But they may have helped swing control of the Dems to the left.

So why do Mueller, French, et al have so little interest in discussing who actually benefited from the hacks? Because it's not about the Russians, it's about bringing down Trump.

Full stop. Again.

The Mueller investigation is a witch hunt. Witch hunts don't look for the actual sources of problems. Instead they reinforce the agendas of those already in power. They exploit a crisis to terrorize innocent people while keeping everyone else afraid. And that can serve as cover for all sorts of things.

We have yet to find a witch. If you want to find the coup, just read the Washington Post or watch CNN. Or, sadly, occasionally browse through pages of the National Review.