Anti-Israel Peace Activist Expelled for Slapping Israeli 10-Year-Old

If you've ever encountered a peace activist, you know that they're anything but peaceful. That's especially the case with the crews that converge on Israel.

An observer who took part in a tour of the Breaking the Silence organization in Tel Rumeida in Hevron slapped a 10-year-old Jewish boy.

In the documentation published in News 2, the man, a representative of the multinational group Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH), appeared to be slapping a child who approached the group.

The police arrested the activist on suspicion of assaulting a minor. He was released under restrictive conditions after being questioned

Breaking the Silence issued a predictably despicable statement. The Swiss ambassador offered another non-apology which appeared to blame it on the 10-year-old.

On Friday, the Swiss Ambassador to Israel, Jean-Daniel Ruch, penned a letter to the Hevron Jewish community apologizing for the incident.

“You are certainly aware of the incident that took place in Hebron two days ago, whereby a Swiss member of the TIPH slapped a young boy.”

During the apology, however, Ruch appeared to pin at least some of the blame on local Jews, accusing them of “some provocation” prior to the incident.

“Though this was no doubt preceded by some provocation on the side of the settlers – the action of this TIPH member is totally unacceptable. It is expected from our TIPH members that they keep their nerves in any circumstance.”

"No doubt" .

That's not a documented incident. It's a presumption of hostility and naked bias. Of course our anti-Israel activist was provoked. But despite the 10-year-old's provocations, we're sorry anyway.