Nobody Outside the Media Cared About "Who Is America"

The media spent days hyping, "Who is America", chuckling with delighted glee at  acha Baron Cohen pulling his same tired shtick on Republicans. They assumed the rest of the country would care.

They were wrong. So wrong.

Cohen was trounced at 10pm.  “Mexico Life” was among the shows on cable that did five or six times the business. (1.9 million viewers). Something called “On the Case with PZ” on Discovery had 1.5 million. “History of Comedy” on CNN had 764K. That’s twice as many as Cohen’s show

In typical lefty fashion, the failure is being blamed on a lack of publicity. Except the media has done nothing but obsessively push this turkey. And it still wouldn't come out of the oven.

As I noted previously, Sacha Baron Cohen has been pulling the same routine for 20 years. It's not cutting edge. It's tired, boring and no one cares.

The ratings prove it.